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In geometry, a regular shape consisting of eight sides, eight corners and eight angles is called an octagon. Octagon is also a plan type used in many important buildings in Anatolia in Byzantine Architecture. Just as geometry inspired architecture, we wanted to call this book Octagon, inspired by architecture, and on which eight important names of Turkish Photography contributed with different subjects and perspectives.

Anafod Istanbul Anatolian Side Photography Art Association



The corona virus epidemic, which affected the whole world as of March 2020, caused great changes in the functioning of photography associations, whose essence is to contact people, and caused many habits in these communities to change. Associations, which previously held their events face-to-face and together, came together through online meeting platforms and started to conduct their activities in this way. ANAFOD is one of the pioneering associations that used online meeting platforms at the earliest and managed to maintain their activities under pandemic conditions. So much so that not only its own members, but also many photography lovers from all over our country participated in these events, and on this occasion, it increased its recognition at the national level. As the ANAFOD Board of Directors, our effort to use the feature of art to unite and bring people together in order to combat the feeling of loneliness that arises in all of us during the pandemic period has been the biggest factor in the emergence of this book.

During our meetings with Associate Professor A. Beyhan Özdemir, Cengiz Karlıova, Prof. Emre İkizler, Prof. Oktay Çolak, Prof. Osman Ürper, Özcan Yurdalan, Özkan Samioğlu and Yusuf Darıyerli, who are among the important names of our photography world, these eight names contributed to our book. We asked them to determine a topic and create editorial letters related to this topic. We held meetings with ANAFOD members and editors on these letters and held photo evaluation meetings. At the last stage of the six-month process, we presented the photos from our members to our editors and asked them to choose the most appropriate photos for their subject. Thus, the photographic contents of our book were completely determined. On behalf of our association, I would like to express my endless thanks to Associate Professor A. Beyhan Özdemir, Cengiz Karlıova, Prof. Emre İkizler, Prof. Oktay Çolak, Prof. Osman Ürper, Özcan Yurdalan, Özkan Samioğlu and Yusuf Darıyerli for their valuable contributions.

In addition, our ex-president Baytekin Kara, who had a role in determining the subject of the book project and also took on the task of consultancy throughout the book project, our Vice President Figen Özkan, our secretary Şafak Hacaloğlu, our treasurer Aydanur Atamdede, the Board Members İlknur Turan Atlı, Kadir Tezel, Osman I would like to thank Karamehmetoğlu, Tuğkent Akkurum, our Substitute Members of the Board of Directors Hasan Özdemir, Doğan Alpay and our association member Sezai Özaltın who gave the idea for the cover design. Finally, I would like to thank A4 Ofset Alparslan Baloğlu and Ahmet Sinan Sarıkaya for their support during the printing process of the book.

Dec, 08 2021
Anıl Tamer Yılmaz
President of ANAFOD

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